Firm Overview

ZIGLAW is Florida’s premier multimedia entertainment law practice, servicing domestic and international, corporate, entrepreneurial and creative clients. Our team of professionals has a diverse mix of experience in the entertainment industry with one underlying commonality, a passion for the arts and a well-developed understanding of the entertainment business. By gaining an intimate understanding of our clients’ artistic and business aspirations we are able to direct our clients to the most appropriate models for realization of their short term and long-term goals focusing on tangible measured results. Our intimate understanding of the perspectives and financial models of each party to an entertainment industry transaction gives us the unique ability to have a laser focus on the business goals of contracting parties to efficiently close each deal.

Areas of Expertise

  • Record Companies
  • Publishing Companies
  • Television & Motion Picture Companies
  • Purchase & Sale of Corporations
  • Asset and Stock Purchases
  • Purchase and Sale of Music Publishing and Master Recording Catalogues
  • Preparation and Review of Private Placement Memoranda for Investors and Sellers of Non-Registered Securities
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Entity Formation, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Corporate Governance and Corporate Maintenance Services
  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Leases
  • International Pop Star Talents in All Aspects of Their Career
  • Music/TV/Film Agreements with Major Media Companies
  • Live Appearances and Touring
  • Sponsorship/Branding Agreements
  • Record and Publishing Agreements
  • Equity Deals and Investments
  • Executive Employment agreements for senior management at Television Networks, Media Companies and Merchandising Companies
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Cable Satellite Networks
  • Copyright and Trademark Registration and Licensing
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Software Developers
  • Digital Delivery Services
  • Content Providers
  • Internet Portals
  • Social Networks
  • Cross Border Media-Related Transactions
  • Advice and Counsel on Myriad International Licensing and IP Issues